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How to get a Concealed Carry Permit in Colorado

Get expert instruction from an NRA-certified instructor for to obtain your Concealed Handgun Permit (CHP).  Our classes fulfill all requirements for Colorado CHP permit applications (33 state reciprocity. - Click here for a list of states honoring Colorado's concealed handgun permits).

Colorado is a "shall issue" state, meaning if you meet all the requirements set for under Colorado Statutes, the sheriff must issue a concealed carry permit once all requirements have been met and demonstrated (background check, training certificate, etc.)

In order to apply for a concealed handgun permit in Colorado, you must:

1.  Be legally able to own a firearm in the state of Colorado.

2.  Be a legal resident of Colorado, or a member of the armed forces that is stationed pursuant to permanent duty station orders at a military installation in this state, or a member of the service member's immediate family living in Colorado.

3.  Be 21 years of age or older.

4.  Demonstrate competence with a handgun by submitting a training certificate from a handgun training class obtained within the ten years preceding submittal of the application.

There are circumstances which will prevent a person from applying or being denied a CHP, including:

1.  Chronic abusers of alcohol

2.  Those addicted to controlled substances

3.  Those under a temporary or permanent protective restraining order

A complete list of the CHP laws in Colorado can be viewed here.

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